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With a background of teaching at reputable institutions like Concordia University, BrainStation, and Jelly Academy, I’ve had the privilege of interacting with diverse groups of learners. Each experience has reinforced my belief in the power of education and its ability to open doors to endless possibilities.

I’m eager to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to explore collaborative projects and innovative educational strategies. If you share a passion for impactful learning, I’m just a message away – let’s start the conversation on how we can work together to create meaningful educational experiences.

Transitioning Pathways

From Traditional Classroom to Online Education

In today’s digital era, the landscape of education is rapidly evolving, blending traditional classroom experiences with innovative online learning environments. My journey as an educator has traversed both realms, garnering a wealth of experience that has honed my ability to deliver impactful learning experiences irrespective of the medium.

Teaching Philosophy

Shaping Engaging Learning Journeys

The journey of education is a collaborative effort between the educator and the students. My teaching philosophy centers around fostering a supportive, engaging, and insightful learning space, be it in a traditional classroom or in the expansive domain of online education.

The testimonials below capture the essence of this commitment, as shared by individuals whose educational paths have been influenced in these settings. Their feedback serves not only as an affirmation of a teaching approach but as a reflection of the lasting positive influence a dedicated educator can have on the student experience.

Opinions That Matter Most

Student Accolades

Rajan Sharma

Sales Director

Scott is the real deal when it comes to Digital Marketing experts in Toronto. I was fortunate to be in his SEO/SEM class earlier this year and learned so much from him.

He has a very strong grasp on the subject, and was also very empathetic to his students’ needs and level of understanding. He was great in providing several real life business examples which made learning the subject so much easier and quicker. 

Also, I really found it useful that he kept things in context – by very easily connecting Search Marketing to the overall discipline of Digital Marketing.

I highly recommend Scott both as a teacher and a member or leader of any team.

Matthew Cohn

VIP Solutions Lead
Office of the President

Having recently completed the BrainStation SEO/SEM course with Scott, I can’t stress enough how instrumental Scott was in the learnings and insights gained from the course. 

Scott has a vast amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to SEO and SEM, and he was able to relay that information in a manner that translated to a highly engaging and interactive learning environment. 

Scott went above and beyond in working with students individually to achieve their specific goals, and always took the extra time to explain concepts thoroughly. Overall, Scott made all the difference in the education of SEO and SEM, and the overall experience at BrainStation.

Rachel Surman

Marigold Content & Creative

Scott is an excellent teacher. I took Search Engine Marketing course and was impressed by Scott’s knowledge of search. He’s an industry professional and knows what he’s talking about! I found his real-world experience made him relatable and easy to learn from. 

There were some difficult/complicated parts of the course but Scott took the time to deal with individual problems and concerns. It was also a super small class size, making it more of an on-going conversation as opposed to a classroom. 

When I needed help with an item in my strategy, Scott took time out of his work week to meet with me. I recommend Scott as a teacher and would take another class! Thanks. 

Bruna Tenorio

Marketing Specialist
PwC Canada

I took the Search Engine Marketing Course taught by Scott at Brainstation earlier this year; and it was one of the best investments I have done so far, thanks to his way of teaching. 

Scott goes well beyond the content by continually bringing real-life situations to explain and exemplify all of the concepts covered throughout the course. He has years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, and SEM and is always willing to share what he has learned as an active professional in this area. 

He is also available to help you with whatever doubts you may have, not only in class but also online.

Dasha Khomenko

Motion and Stills Producer

I had the pleasure of taking Scott’s Digital Marketing course. 

Every Saturday he not only made sure we covered and understood the large amount of material required by the course, but also added on a wealth of examples and knowledge from his personal experience, making the course more engaging and applicable to the world outside of the classroom. 

He was always energetic and approachable, answering any questions our class may have had. 

I learned a lot from his course and highly recommend learning from him! 

Colin C. Martin

Health & Wellness Coach

Scott is incredible at what he does! Not only is he an SEM & SEO wizard, but he is also able to teach these concepts using a very pragmatic approach. 

Scott provided so many insider tips and tricks that you could never learn in a classic classroom setting. 

He is very personable and took time aside to workshop ideas with each student. I’ve been able to apply key learnings from his class into my work immediately and have already seen results. 

His SEM & SEO course at BrainStation is a must-take for any marketing professional looking to upgrade their digital marketing expertise.

Amina Gilani

Co-Founder & COO

I recently completed the Digital Marketing course taught by Scott. 

From the start, Scott’s strong knowledge and passion for Digital Marketing was engaging. Scott made attending the weekly online class easy by providing us with helpful industry insights that he shared from his personal work experience. 

I have been able to apply what I learned from Scott’s classes in my own work. Scott is dedicated and approachable.

James Roussel

Associate Director of Strategy
Havas CX Canada

Scott’s knowledge of SEO and SEM is immense. 

He is not only incredible at what he does, but he is also great at communicating, sharing and teaching it. 

Taking the Search Engine Marketing course with him was a great decision; Scott provided us with his experience along with insider tips and tricks that made my learning experience even more valuable to apply back at my work and obtain valuable measurable results to my organization.

Hamed Bahram

Web Developer

I joined two of Scott’s courses on Digital Marketing and SEO, SEM & Analytics. 

He is definitely a SEARCH expert, knows what he is taking about and because he is actively working in the industry he has so much practical knowledge/experience. 

Having an engineering background has definitely helped him develop a precise systematic approach to learning and implementing SEO and search marketing. 

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