Scott Gabdullin

Entrepreneur. Marketer. Investor.

Scott Gabdullin is Canadian entrepreneur, marketer and investor with a proven track record of turning the trickle of prospects into a roaring cascade of business opportunities. 

His expertise isn’t just in understanding the funnel, but in optimizing and expanding it, ensuring businesses not only compete but thrive.

Business Portfolio

Some of My Companies

I am involved in a diverse portfolio of 80+ digital projects and traditional businesses. Below are a few of the ones we are excited about the most.

Authority Factors

SEO, SEM, and Content agency that’s set to become the global leader in search marketing.


Lead generation company whose sole purpose is to help small businesses scale.


A media company set to become a top destination for all 3D printing news & product reviews.

Yoga Kawa

Canadian leader in corporate & private yoga, offering exceptionally unique services.

About Me

The Marketer with a Maverick Heart

This is a dedicated space where I chronicle my entrepreneurial journey, offering insights drawn from my unique experiences.

The initial stages of the journey were challenging, marked by financial setbacks. Yet, these hurdles were valuable learning opportunities. The skepticism of peers became the white noise that honed my focus, and I immersed myself in mastering the intricacies of marketing.

This dedication opened doors to work or partner with notable companies, including Google, Adobe, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, and SapientRazorfish.

My approach with every business, regardless of size, is to deliver results. If your organization is looking for growth, I welcome a conversation. It would be a privilege to chat about your venture.

Work With Me

Never Worry About Marketing Again

I partner with a limited number of businesses each year. If you are looking for someone who loves solving challenging business problems and identifying untapped growth opportunities then get in touch.


Igniting audiences with insights, I share transformative strategies to revamp your marketing game


Harnessing the power of innovation and strategy, I deliver marketing solutions that resonate and convert


I look for promising ventures, investing in businesses that have the potential to transform their respective markets


Navigating challenges with a seasoned eye, my consulting services guide businesses towards untapped opportunities

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Media Mentions

Enterprise SEO & Lead Generation

In this episode, I had the opportunity to join a digital entrepreneur Juma Bannister from Relate Studios for an insightful discussion on Enterprise SEO and Lead Generation. Give it a listen.

My other business & marketing talks

Whether it’s deciphering the complex world of SEO, unveiling the mechanics of online business architecture, or unraveling the fabric of digital marketing strategies, each talk is designed to spark not just inspiration, but real transformation. Ready for a discourse that can pivot the direction of your business narrative? Let’s start this conversation.

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