I’m Scott, A Canadian Entrepreneur & Marketer

Finding exciting new opportunities at the crossroads of digital innovation and traditional business

I’m here not just to participate, but to lead. In the past decade, I’ve charted courses through unexplored territories in the digital world, setting up digital startups like Authority Factors and Learo. But that’s only part of the story, only one side of the coin. The truth is, I see no line dividing the tech enterprises from the foundational, traditional businesses many overlook. Where others see “boring,” I see essential. I see opportunity.

It’s not just about disrupting; it’s about connecting dots—old and new, past and future. Every venture I undertake, whether it’s a buzzing new tech startup or a steadfast local service company, answers the same fundamental question: “What incredible new thing can we bring to this world?” The answer isn’t limited to the confines of silicon and circuits. It echoes in the very framework of human civilization—those foundational service businesses (think landscaping or bookkeping). They’re not just part of our system; they ARE the system.

The digital era—this extraordinary age of technology—doesn’t overwrite the chapters of traditional industry. It turns the page. It writes the next chapter, with each endeavor building on the last. That’s the kind of synergy I live for. It’s there, in that thrilling intersection between the “revolutionary” and the “timeless,” that the next big thing—the stuff that changes ‘everything’—waits to be discovered.

So, let’s not get lost in the digital dazzle. True innovation, true revolution isn’t about the sector that gets the spotlight; it’s about the change that lights up lives, industries, and communities. I’m in this to introduce the future, one venture at a time, digital or traditional, because every single one has the potential to be, quite simply, insanely great.

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